Breakfast Sausage Variations

While curing and casing sausage requires special equipment and ingredients, anyone can mix their own fresh-ground sausage right in their kitchen. You can start small with the most basic equipment, recipe and ingredients, then grow your skill and toolbox from there.

Photography By Stuart Meade | May 23, 2016


Each of the following recipes calls for 
1 pound of ground pork (don’t use lean). Measure correct amounts of herbs, spices and salt and pepper in a small bowl. Mix until well blended. In a medium bowl gently mix the 1 pound of ground pork with the ingredients called for in the 
recipe you are following. Make into 8 (3-inch) round patties. Fry sausage until cooked through in a pan on the stove or grill outdoors.

1    clove garlic, minced
¼    teaspoon ground allspice
¼    teaspoon ground coriander
½    teaspoon ground black pepper
1    teaspoon salt

1    tablespoon maple syrup
½    teaspoon ground cayenne
½    teaspoon ground black pepper
1    teaspoon salt

1    clove garlic, minced
½    teaspoon caraway seeds
½    teaspoon paprika
½    teaspoon ground black pepper
1    teaspoon salt

Amish (adapted from a recipe shared by Duane Yoder of Nappanee, IN)
½    teaspoon rubbed sage
¼    teaspoon summer savory
⅛    teaspoon ground nutmeg
½    teaspoon ground marjoram
¼    teaspoon ground black pepper
       Scant ½ tablespoon coarse salt

Spices are really important, too. If possible, buy whole spices and grind right before you mix them in. The South Bend Farmers Market booth Sweet Street offers many whole spices, and the New Kitchen Store in Walkerton and Local in New Buffalo offer South Bend–based Terra Spice Company spices.

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